Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Bertje Knura

Bertje Knura, whose official name is Lambertus Johannes Adolphus Knura, was born on Sunday 19 June 1955. A short six years later he died, on 11 September 1961. He was buried on 14 September 1961 at the Roman Catholic graveyard of the St. Laurentius church in Voorschoten. I wrote his biography in the post The Forgotten Uncle.

On 12 December 2009 I went to the small graveyard to look for his grave. I found it in the children's corner. I'm actually happy I went in winter time, even though it was freezing, because the rose bush in front of the headstone would've hidden the text completely if there were any leaves on it.

Text on the stone:

Onze lieve Bertje

19-6-'55 - 11-9-'61

Fam. Knura

Detail pictures below.

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  1. Congratulations on digging deep and looking into his past be it only a few years. I read your post on him "The Forgotten Uncle" and I am impressed with what you uncovered, great work.