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Looking for Lamboo Part I: The First Step

When making New Year’s genea-resolutions for 2010, I announced my plans for two series. Yesterday I posted the first part of the Genealogy in the Netherlands series and today I am posting the first of my second series: Looking for Lamboo. In this series I will research the Lamboo line and their partners and show you exactly what I am doing and what I find. I hope this will help illustrate some of the sources I will talk about in the Genealogy in the Netherlands series and also show the lives of this branch of my ancestors.

My research in the Lamboo family branch starts with my grandmother Henriëtte Geertruida Lamboo. From personal knowledge I know she was born on 15 December 1913 in Zoeterwoude, Zuid-Holland and died on 27 December 2004 in a hospital in Den Haag, Zuid-Holland. She was married to Adolph Knura, who died on 31 January 1990, and her wedding date was 11 May 1938.

The first step in looking for more information is looking up all available primary sources. All of her records at the civil registration are not yet released to the public, but I can access her persoonslijst. I requested it and below in the pictures you can see the two pages. I blacked out all info on her living children. Translation follows below the pictures. My own comments are in the brackets. Clicking on the picture will enlarge them so they can be read.

First names: Henriette Geertruida
(Sur)name: Lamboo
Birth date: 15-12-1913 [15 December 1913]
Birth place: ZOETERWOUDE
Birth country: the Netherlands
Gender: Female

First names: Anna Hendrika
Prefix: van
(Sur)name: Dijk
Birth date: 03-10-1881 [3 October 1881]
Birth place: ‘S GRAVENHAGE [also named Den Haag]
Birth country: the Netherlands
Gender: Female

First names: Bernardus Johannes
(Sur)name: Lamboo
Birth date: 21-07-1883 [21 July 1883]
Birth place: VOORSCHOTEN
Birth country: the Netherlands
Gender: Male

Nationality: Dutch

First names: Adolph
(Sur)name: Knura
Birth date: 01-07-1914 [1 July 1914]
Birth place: Bottrop
Birth country: Germany
Date dissolvement: 30-01-1990 [30 January 1990]
Place dissolvement: LEIDEN
Country dissolvement: the Netherlands
Reason dissolvement: Death partner
Kind of contract: Marriage

Date of contract: 11-05-1938 [11 May 1938]
Place of contract: VOORSCHOTEN
Country of contract: the Netherlands
Kind of contract: Marriage

Date of death: 27-12-2004 [27 December 2004]
Place of death: ‘S GRAVENHAGE [also named Den Haag]
Country of death: the Netherlands

>REGISTRATION [data about time persoonslijst was made]
PK-place: VOORSCHOTEN [where persoonskaart was at time of making the list]
PK completely converted: PK-date completely converted [all data on persoonskaart was available to enter on the persoonslijst]

Place of registration: VOORSCHOTEN
Date of registration: 14-11-1917 [14 November 1917]
Valid from: 22-01-1991 [22 January 1991]

Place of registration: VOORSCHOTEN
Date of registration: 14-11-1917 [14 November 1917]

[This same information is repeated four more times, maybe moves? Hard to say without address data]

[Below the place of residence (historical) data is the data of the children. There are seven children, the youngest is at the top, the oldest is last on the second page. I blacked out the data of the living children, but I left the information about Bertje, whom I wrote about here, as he died when he was six]

First names: Lambertus Johannes Adolphus
(Sur)name: Knura
Birth date: 19-06-1955 [19 June 1955]
Birth place: VOORSCHOTEN
Birth country: the Netherlands

The most valuable information I got from this persoonslijst is the only primary data available on Henriëtte’s birth, marriage and death, and also all of the birth data on her children. Furthermore, this document brings me one generation back, as I now know the names, birth dates and birth places of her parents. Also, it leads me to believe she might have moved several times, since there are 5 historical place of residence entries. This might not mean anything, but it’s worth to keep in mind.

Next time, we’ll take a look at the primary sources available for Adolph Knura to see if we can find some additional information that’s not on Henriëtte’s persoonslijst.

Personal knowledge J. Mulder, granddaughter of Henriëtte Geertruida Lamboo
Persoonslijst: CBG, persoonslijst Henriette Geertruida Lamboo (1913-2004).

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